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THE RORSCHALK (username: rorschalk) 

Founder, CEO and autocratic leader.


altBulldust (username: bulldust)
A bull with the foibles and passions of a man, this Terminali is an atypical beast with the outspokenn puckishness of Freddy Mercury and Arnold Schwarzenegger on steroids... er, bad analogy since the latter has already injected enough HGH to float the Titanic! But hey, where were we? Oh yeah! Bulldust! Soon to be available as a FATHEAD along with Brett Favre and Charles Manson.



Wally Sturgeon (username: sturgeon): Cut his teeth on the Floor, floated up one day to the realm of roast beef and proper cutlery. 











Boligard Doomey  (username: d00mey) - Cab driver part time, welterweight. Made bank bait farming, had to bail when complications arose. Shady dealings with the dark side inbetween bouts. Rumor is there are hellhounds on his trail.

Carol ?????? (username: carol) Refugee Boligard rescued from Seattle's gulag archipelago. Once her cap vetting days are ended (of the vetting of cap there is no end) looks forward to being the ring master in Dante's 9th circle of hell. 



altGuy LaFloor (username: lafloor) - Former hockey great iced himself and his proclivities onto the Net where he ended up here, reading English and gooning it up with anybody who does not agree with his capital sensibilities.  Made the jump from the Floor to the Terminal after a bloody fist fight with Boligard's homeless valet, Jesus.

altPinckney Guevara (username: guevara) - After leading a mercenary's existence, popping up in civil wars and insurrectionist hotspots around the world, Pinckney came to the Internet to escape his past, download all his vital statistics and his thoughts in hopes of preserving his essence for eternity. Now he, or a close facsimile thereof, works for TQR as a permanent firewall against anything inveigling itself into the halls of the mainframe that isn't capital-related. 

T. Quincy Rockefeller (username: rockefeller)
Holed up in the penthouse of Manhattan Chase with Halloween Jack, counting his money and writing his memoirs. Has been known to swing down on a rope and break a tie or two for the lowly TQR when he's not purging the dregs of high society with his pack of diamond dogs.
altHal3000 (username: H3K) Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer, do. I'm half crazy, just for the love of you!
Always on the vanguard of deep space, exploring the final frontier and forever entering the halls of Valhalla. One of the originals. Odin's speed my friend.
altGabrielle Deplancher (username: deplancher) Last seen doing charitable work in the backwaters of Vietnam's Mekong Delta. Word is she caught a junk all the way down and opened an interpretive dance studio at the oasis at the source of the river. Haunts the Floor with Doomey and his favourite ghost poet dreaming of white sand beaches strewn with petals from Van Gogh's Irises

altEdith Prickly (username: prickly) - Former SCTV program manager ended up on the lam in cyberspace purgatory after trying to assassinate Guy Caballero with VX nerve gas.  Currently vacationing (permanently?) in the south of France with the corpse of ex-Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. Keeps in touch with her inner monkey w/the use of Photoshop. And for that we are eternally grateful.

altTessa Quinlan-Renaud (username: tessa) -  TQR's fallen angel. Went from the executive suite to persona non grata because her literary sensibilities couldn't override the fact that she was queen bitch. Currently, she is on sabbatical in  The Zanza Bar inside some cheap casino in Las Vegas. You can find her by waving $50 bills in the air.
altRon Raygun (username: raygun) - Left the high pressure world of professional gambling to satiate his longing to champion the heroic stories of his youth where good and evil were clearly delineated by the color of the hats the cowboys were wearing.  

altCandy O'Hara (username: manuvetrix) - Big city gun mol type with a propensity for busting up runon sentences and extorting blood from the proverbial stone when it comes to literary matters. Likes her seamen long and hard.