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Date: 2018/06/12 20:23 By: bulldust Status: Admin  
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That’s always a good place to start. Sometimes you just have to get back to basics. Moo is good. It reminds me of my roots. Long warm days in the pasture, enjoying the tranquility that only country life has to offer. I remember a virtually drama-free existence.

Yeah, there were hicks. There will always be hillbillies of one kind or another around. The deer would come fuck with us on a continual basis, always mocking our domestication.

Their seemingly lawless lifestyle was mesmerizing to me as a calf. I longed to traverse the plains, living without bounds. They were free and wild, but more frequently than us, they were walking meals for predators.

Reality set in as soon as I saw the first chewed up carcass at the outskirts of the farm.

“A Man’s Crime” is a cap about conflicting societies butting up against each other. On one hand, we have a modern town trying to exist under the rule of law, on the other hand on the outskirts of town there is mountain justice. Conflict arises when the two cultures collide upon the commission of a rape on Big John’s daughter.

From the beginning, the disparity is clear. We start with a man hunt through the woods. The cap feels like a historical piece as if it could have taken place one-hundred and fifty years ago, but soon we are thrust back into the present, as we arrive in Blacktop, WV. There we find ourselves in a modern town, complete with pickups and route 9. (The Bullmeister remembers route 9 fondly from the days of his excursions to the flea market in Harpers Ferry. It is beautiful country.)

There is good conflict and tension. However, the plot builds to a point where you expect to go somewhere and you are cut off. When the cap ended, I found myself disappointed that there was no resolution. I would never get closure. Maybe that was the point of the cap, ongoing conflict without resolution. Maybe that’s what Sheriff Walleye was looking to finally end.

There were a few minor formatting problems, but nothing terrible. And I will say this, there were eight incidents of the word bitch. This got me truly excited, but disappointment set in when I realized they were just referring to a canine.

The Bull is admittedly torn on this. It is well written and the cap has a distinct style to it. The lack of resolution annoyed this guy, but it is understandably intentional. So the Bullster is leaning towards yes. Let’s see what the Rocks thinks.
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