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Date: 2018/08/10 16:49 By: rockefeller Status: Admin  
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Rocks does not mind Saudi royalty expelling Canadian diplomats, recalling all of their Canadian students from Canadian universities or any of their financial sanctions recently or soon to be imposed. He actually kind of likes the current trade and tariff wars shaping up between the US and Canada. Rocks is tired of dealing with other humans' backward civilizations. So he hates that, despite almost half a century of trying, we have not discovered life elsewhere in the solar system or universe. Or that we have no idea how life originated here, or even a meaningful definition or understanding of what life is.

So if we were to discover not just life, but familiar intelligent life, on some distant planet, we'd be pretty excited. For a while, anyway. Till we got tired of them, too. Which is sort of what happens here. The story's set around the end of this century, say about 70 or 80 years from now, and yet neither technologically nor politically nor culturally has much seemed to change. Like, think back 80 years: no computers, only rudimentary b&w TV, big black clunky rotary land-line phones you could beat a person to death with, governments to (willingly) die for, and no one in space yet. Now look at us: machine intelligence that's in many ways vastly superior to our own, live color TV on your watch, fascist regimes that harass and embarrass, our footprints on the moon and junk all over the solar system. Then, keeping in mind Moore's law and the fact that technology is evolving apace with our ever hastening rush to extinction, try to imagine things 80 years hence. You can't, can you? Or, if you can, you're almost certainly wrong. Maybe that's why this cap, in which then is almost exactly like now, didn't even try. So, not clear to The Rockinator, why it was set so far in the future when it could've been set in the present or even recent past and worked as well.

But, that aside, it's a decent tale with a compelling hook. I.e., what's with this strangely perfect and homogeneous gargoyle-esque alien civilization we're sort of inter-stellarly spying on? And though Rocks was not overwhelmed with the ending's Big Revelation, it wasn't a disappointment either. If the VC has not submitted this piece to Asimov's, and should it not ascend to the loftiest heights and recognition here, but rather be shit-canned by The Bull and in arbitration or, finally, by The Monkey, then he should. From what little Rocks has read of that rag, it would be an excellent fit. But, till then, yes. We saw it first. And it deserves a shot.
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Date: 2018/08/14 16:07 By: bulldust Status: Admin  
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Aliens, those wacky dudes that come on down and wreak havoc with our reality. They just can’t get enough of the human rectum and cows. Nobody gets why the come here. Some say to study us like lab rats, some say cheap labor, others insist they come just to screw with us. I think it’s a little of each.

The Bull had one as a roommate once. She had crashed onto a beach at the Jersey Shore. She drank a lot and tended to flash people at parties. She also quoted Buckaroo Bonzai a lot. Her bedroom was off-limits and there were frequently strange sounds emanating from inside. She left one day in a hurry, never to be seen again. The Bullmeister never found out where she went, maybe she got a lift home.

“The Heavens’ Game” was an interesting read. I agree with my colleague Rocks that the state of technology was a bit off. However, it also made the cap relatable. It is difficult to write a future where the reader can submerge themselves into the technologies and feel like it is real.

The human politics of the cap is spot on, and very consistent on how the policies of science runs now. It is a sad state of affairs when the pursuit of knowledge is manipulated by greed and misplaced power. The cap is almost more about that sad state of affairs that holds science back than the actual story of the miracle of life elsewhere.

This is a good cap. Definitely worth a toss up to the all-holy Monkey. So yes.
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Date: 2018/08/14 23:33 By: guevara Status: Admin  
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Hola mein compadrinos,

Yo quiero taco bell. Also, I will let el jefe know to unleash el monkecito. Ole!
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