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Date: 2018/03/18 17:25 By: tqr Status: Admin  
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Dear Theodore Q Rorschalk,

Thank you for sending you story to the floor, but it got accepted in a different magazine. I will try soon again with your magazine.


JS, Esq.

TQR:Total Quality Reading
Theodore Q. Rorschalk
Executive Suite

Dear Theodore Q. Rorschalk :

Please consider my short story, “The Intravenous Therapy Coffee Shop of the XXI Century,” for publication.
My publications are available or forthcoming in The Meadow, Caveat-Lector, Gemini Magazine, Swamp Ape Review, Existere, Foliate Oak Review, 34thParallel, Newfound Journal, Midway Journal, Sand Hill Review, New York Foundation for the Arts/IAP, and Letting Go, An Anthology of Attempts.

Recently admitted to the Tin House Writer’s Workshop with Luis Urrea, I have been chosen to take part in its mentorship program, working with Emma Komlos-Hrobsky.

My short [venture] “Major Ascension Luna” was nominated for The Best of the Net Anthology 2016. My pieces “The Japanese Rice Cooker” and “The Kiss” were nominated for a Pushcart Prize in 2015 and 2016, respectively. I was also awarded The Horned Dorset Colony for the summer 2018, the Newnan Art Rez Program (2017), the NYM Cultural Center Residence (2015), the Edward F. Albee Foundation Residency (2014), and the New York Foundation for the Arts/IAP mentoring program (2011). I’ve studied extensively with Clark Blaise, Brenda Coultas, Martha Hughes, Kaylie Jones, John Reed, Don Scotti, Charlie Vázquez, and Lewis Warsh.

A native of Colombia, I immigrated to the United States seventeen years ago, seeking political asylum. I received my law degree from Indiana University and my MFA in English and creative writing from Long Island University. As a regular contributor to Pressenza, International Press Agency, I have interviewed writers and human rights activists. Currently, I am a practicing attorney in New York and enjoy traveling and cooking in my spare time.
Thank you for considering my work.

Sincerely, JS

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