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BLIND FAITH_ Terminalized
Date: 2018/11/05 17:26 By: deplancher Status: Admin  
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Posts: 1540
Bonjour and good thoughts all around, Monsieur Kearnes:

Just now finished reading your piece submitted awhile ago to our flea market zine, TQR, for consideration.

Hey, the Monkey is dancing. I stubbed my toe on a stone while spinning. I want to know if Eli's alright. What happens to Adam after he's left standing in the street looking, alone?

So, listen. Except for once when I stumbled because you wrote 'lied' where I read 'lay', Blind Faith has the mix I hope to find rummaging through the endless incoming. Thanks for conjuring it, and for submitting.

Today, I'm writing to say all that but more importantly to advise I'm recommending Blind Faith to The Terminali for further scrutiny. I know the process is arduous but please endure. Faith is nothing; faith is everything.

Watch out for sticks flying and further commentary in the days or weeks to come. They will be found in a thread dedicated to this capital under The Terminal forum.

Merci beaucoup!

G. DePlancher
The Floor - TQR

????Hold Steady. Stay in the Light.????
Sent while levitating from my own Bright Cloud.

A Bluelight Dancer/Not a Pocketbook Romancer
of The Floor
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