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tqrleaks: avatars & life on mars
Date: 2017/10/12 13:31 By: guevara Status: Admin  
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The 3 faces of Boligard still doesn't know where to do business (ie HERE!) so yo soy el dios de la muerta! As captured by the NSA sciff on the banks of the Potomac with the pacemaker of LBJ in a glass by the door to remind the spooks on which side their bread it buttered...

3 FACES OF BOLIGARD: Can't post. Tried with Carol and Boligard and Jesus. S'all dead. I don't know how to to start a new wekk, that may be the problem.

TQR: Shoot. Lemme go check it out myself and see what I can figure.


Got in with Jesus. Born again! Seriously though, we should change that password to avoid future difficulties with Guccifer 3.0. Anyhow.

I've changed our system somewhat. Instead of creating a new week, I'm just letting it run so that it flip every 10 posts.

You will notice that the current week 1.8 or thereabouts has 1 thru 5 right now. Which means almost 50 posts. I think there are 47 to be exact. So, you gotta click on 5 and post from there. It will flip to 6 once we hit 50.

When it flips I copy and paste the url for that current 10-post packet or whatever you want to call it into the front page code so that the Floor icon is always current.

Does this help you?

3 FACES OF BOLIGARD: I will try again tonight. Thx for the flipping info. I was wondering about that.

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