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Date: 2017/08/24 15:43 By: rockefeller Status: Admin  
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Rocks thinks if you're going to sub to a market whose guidelines state, "Anything over 13,000 [13,800 in this case] words better be The Greatest Story Ever Told," don't begin your cover letter by suggesting it Might Not Be, however humble and self-deprecating. Although, upon reflection, it's nice to see TQR's transparent, hands on, at times tough love (okay, asinine) approach to vetting catching on.

There might well be those, perhaps young persons with poo fetishes or incontinent oldsters on the cusp of childhood's second coming, who would agree that this Tinweed cap is among the greatest stories ever told. But Rocks, though certainly past his best-before date and fond of scatological themes and motifs in literature (e.g., where in Richler's St. Urbain's Horseman some alcoholic with writer's block at an upscale dinner party wraps an enormous turd in a guest towel and stashes it in the linen closet after it fails to flush), is not among them. He took a couple runs at this possibly Tom Thumb or Thumbelina inspired tale about a miniature dipsomaniac, but just couldn't engage. It wasn't the prose. Technically, it's fine. No punctuation or grammatical trip-ups bogged down his reading (although here: "Once he'd entered the trial, he saw it was harmless in the wood..." Rocks thinks "trial should read "trail"). Its use of the rhetorical question, while surely engaging for some, distracted a little. But the 3rd person omniscient narrator's voice is strong and true. Maybe it just seemed too written on the fly, the sort of thing an imaginative parent might spontaneously compose for a child's bedtime, and so doesn't have to hang together, just put them to sleep.

Also, and Rocks has mentioned this before, cap of this length is ill suited to TQR's format and would probably require over a page of links, which might deter reading. So no.
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Date: 2017/08/28 15:43 By: bulldust Status: Admin  
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While this was not bad, it was not the greatest story ever told.

Jon Tinweed is a kind of faerie-tale, drug hallucination of a character. He’s a small creature with a metal heart who had been evicted from a shoe box by some kittens. He travels through forests, in both the old and new worlds and has many struggles involving poop. There is also troll pee and slug slime. The cap is chuck full bodily fluids.

I am not a bovine to shy away from excrement themed caps. Feces can be funny. There I said it. Potty humor has its place and sometimes it works. However, the recurring poop-covered shoe seemed more like a shtick than something truly integral to the plot, such as it is. It reasserted itself at opportune moments simple to add a layer of absurdity to the cap.

The narrative feels like a children’s tale, appearing to build up to some kind of moral lesson, but there is none. The tale is chaotic and lacks a coherent plot. It seems to be strange for strangeness sake.

I completely agree with my colleague. The writing is fine, but this is not a good fit for TQR. So, no.
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