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Nick Manzolillo is a displaced Rhode Islander who's slowly transforming into another bearded Manhattanite wizard. His writing has appeared in over thirty publications including the New England Horror Writer anthologies Wicked Witches and Wicked Haunted, Grievous Angel, Thuglit, Red Room Magazine, and The Tales To Terrify podcast. He has an MFA in Creative and Professional Writing from Western Connecticut State University. By day he works as a content specialist for TopBuzz, a news app.

The setting for FIREWORKS THROUGH THE FOG came from my fascination with the idea that certain backwoods places have their whole economy centered around crime and the black market. From there I came up with these insane, almost completely satirical characters that twist classic American points of pride such as BBQ's, guns/explosives, law enforcement, and of course, sex. The idea that these characters who indulge in the benefits and opportunities of this country then have to confront the real American ideal that everybody should have pride in, a soldier that gave everything he had for his country, basically plotted itself in the sense that PTSD Perry was going to mop up their corruption even while totally unaware of his own actions (which then parallels the idea of government control and the same shadowy forces that run the criminal empire behind the scenes.) I also came up with Perry—shot up and drinking beer on a floating American flag—first, so was able to work backward from there.